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About The Book

Building Digital Products is designed for the new Product Manager who feels in way over their head, the experienced Product Manager looking to step up his or her game, and the expert Product Manager who understands that there is always more to learn.

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Building Digital Products is now available on Amazon!  Grab a paperback or Kindle copy today or buy one for your favorite product manager.  

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Great book with actionable advice on building and shipping products.

Rob Williger - @robertwilliger

What's In the Book?

Time is your greatest commodity. 

What will you learn in "Building Digital Products"?

Problem Identification

Building the Right Team

Selling Your Solution

Promoting Your Product

Achieving Your MVP Goals

Solution Ideation

The Right Data to Track

Defining and Sharing Success

Supporting Your Products


Build vs. Buy

Checklists to Keep You Sane

It's easy to get overwhelmed as a Product Manager.  Stay in control with simple checklists for many common challenges.  They're not everything, but they'll get you started on the right track.

100 Tools for Product Owners

The right toolkit is the difference between a good Product Manager and a great one.  Check out our list of the 100 most important tools for a Product Manager, including products for Idea Management, A/B Testing, Collaboration, and Customer Engagement.

The Product Development Timeline

Every product development timeline is different.  However, there are many similarities about what parts of the timeline cause the most stress, have the highest financial value, and lead to the lowest morale.

Case Studies

Learn from the mistakes and successes of Product Managers at Webs, Pagemodo, Vistaprint, Upside Travel, ICX Media, and other technology companies through in-depth case studies.

The Agile Urban Dictionary

You know the traditional definitions for all of the agile buzzwords.  Learn what they really mean with this Urban Dictionary for Agile.


Building Digital Products

Who Wrote This Thing?

Alex Mitchell

Chief Product Officer

ICX Media

Currently, Alex works for ICX Media as the Chief Product Officer. ICX Media is helping Media Companies, Brands, and Agencies leverage Data Inspired Storytelling.

Before ICX Media, Alex spent close to 2 years as a Director of Product at Upside Travel, a technology startup that has reinvented booking business travel for companies with less than 500 employees.

Previous to Upside Travel, Alex worked for Vistaprint Digital for 4 years, largely in Product Management, managing the Identity Family of Products, totaling more than $50MM in revenue.

Alex is passionate about creating and scaling powerful web and mobile products that make a significant impact in millions of people's lives around the world. Alex deeply enjoys building and managing the product and development teams that help achieve that goal.

Find more about Alex at 

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Are we missing something?  Let us know and we'll add it to the next version of Building Digital Products.


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Top 100 Tools for Product Managers

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